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Buying & Selling

Whether buying or selling, you want to work with someone who is local, someone who lives and plays in the area, not just works there. Someone local has the actual pulse of the market rather than just looking at the numbers online; someone local will combine what they know plus the market data to ensure you're getting the best value.

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When it comes to buying we know how to structure your offer so that even amongst all of the others out there, yours will still be on the top of the seller's list.

And once that offer is accepted, we have pages of venders we have worked with that will continue to ensure your satisfaction so that closing day is as smooth as it can be. 

Selling your home is no small task either! It's such a big decision and there are so many things to thing about! Repairs, Market Climate, Staging, Marketing, Oh My! 

Here is where 2 agents truly benefit one client- different points of view for robust marketing, 4 hands instead of 2- we literally can be in 2 places at once-and twice as many buyers! With 2 agents, thats 2 different spheres of information distribution. 


Friendly & Energetic

~AR, Watertown

We really enjoyed working with Allison and would recommend her to anyone. She was energetic, friendly, and knowledgeable at all phases--from the beginning of our search to our closing. Allison was always available to answer our questions, meet, and walk us through every step of the process of  buying our first home. Our closing was a particularly challenging one (through no fault of Allison's). In the end, I felt very well represented and would gladly recommend her to friends and family.

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