All About Us

Hardenbergh Properties is composed of a dynamic husband and wife team, with a combined total of over 6+ years in real estate sales. Together they have been residents of Somerville for over 10 years and are active members in various community groups. 


Prior to real estate, Allie was a social worker with over 14 years experience in dually diagnosed populations. Brent completed his Law Degree, and while working for a real estate attorney, discovered his interests lied more on the other side of the transaction table. 

The team dynamic benefits all of our customers: Two agents acting as one which offers a more robust point of view in your transaction. 

We're different, let us show you how. 

Our Crew
Wife, Mom, Schedule Keeper, Project Manager, Head Designer, Craft & Domestic Engineer, Snack Provider
Husband, Dad, Creative Consult, Mechanical Engineer, Comics Enthusiast, iPhone Junkie
Site Supervisor, Diaper Destroyer, Lego Master, Milk Connoisseur
Molly & Bella
HR & Customer Relations

(free kisses)
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